Learning Networks

The CTI-CFF hosts and sponsors to a number of collaborative learning networks to bring experts, practitioners, and leaders together to accomplish shared goals around thematic or technical issues such as Climate Change Adaptation or Marine Protected Areas.

Learning Networks provide ongoing connection to a shared group of experts involved in the same challenges as you.  We invite you to look over our networks and join any that are relevant to your area of expertise.

  • To review our list of Learning Networks, visit our Collaboration Page.
  • To inquire about joining or participating in a network, please send an email to Dr. Hendra Siry, CTI-CFF Secretariat at hendrasiry@gmail.com.


Ask an Expert!

CTI-CFF also provides you access to the expertise of the practitioners within its groups, though our Ask an Expert feature. Ask an Expert allows you to submit your questions about ocean science, seascapes, ecosystems, livelihoods, or any of the issues related to the CTI-CFF. We will locate an answer from among our networks and post the reply here on the site.