Host Country Agreement (HCA) between RS CTI-CFF and The Government of Republic of Indonesia on Privileges and Immunities, 1 December 2015

Document Date: 08 December 2015
Author: Andie Wibianto

As part of the its commitment to host the CTI-CFF as well as its commitment to support coral reefs conservation areas that have the highest marine biodiversity in the world, the Government of Indonesia has built a new CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat Building and a CTI Center. This building complex is located in Manado at the historical site where the leaders of the six Coral Triangle countries came together for the CTI Summit and World Ocean Conference in 2009.

The Government of Indonesia has invested USD 5.5 million towards the construction of the center covering 6,084 square meters. Apart from this, the Indonesian Government has also set aside 15,000 square meters of land for the center's expansion and supporting facilities. The CTI Center has been designed and built for the purpose of central coordination, facilitation and collaboration of the six CTI Member Parties.

To institutionalise this support, a Host Country Agreement was developed to address issues on the juridical personality of the Regional Secretariat, the responsibilities of both of the Government of Indonesia and the Regional Secretariat and other relevant matters.