CTI-CFF Appoints Helen Fox Ph.D. as Scientific Adviser

07 April 2016
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Andie Wibianto

Helen Fox Ph.D. has been appointed CTI-CFF Scientific Adviser

As part of the organization growth and empowerment, CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat has appointed Helen Fox Ph.D., a seasoned marine scientist as Scientific Adviser, today (4/7).

Helen specializes in coral reef ecology, marine conservation, marine protected area science and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Helen will bring extensive valuable experience to CTI-CFF, not least through her previous work as Senior Director, Research and Monitoring - Rare (2014-2016); Director, Marine Science - WWF (2012-2014); Senior Marine Scientist, Conservation Science Program - WWF US (204-2012);  DH Smith Conservation Research Fellow, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology - University of Hawaii at Manoa (2003-2004); PhD Research - The Nature Conservancy (1998-2002); PhD Research - UC Berkeley (1998-2002).  

Executive Director CTI-CFF, Widi A. Pratikto Ph.D. says: "Helen’s appointment as CTI-CFF Scientific Adviser brings a depth of knowledge and experience formed in both academia and field works across different continents and several coastal countries."

"I would also like to thank Helen for providing extra energy to build and empower CTI-CFF as a prominent multilateral body on corals, fisheries, and food security at the richest marine environment on the planet."