Regional Secretariat’s Consultative Meeting for the preparation of 12th Senior Officials’ Meeting and 6th Ministerial Meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

01 August 2016
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Kirana Agustina

The CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat recently visited Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea with a mission to strengthen the working relationship between the National CTI-CFF Coordinating Committee of Papua New Guinea and the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat. The Regional Secretariat’s team was represented by its Executive Director, Dr. Widi A. Pratikto and Mr. Cepy Syahda, CTI-CFF Head of Finance and Administration from 18th to 20th July 2016.

There were two (2) main objectives for this consultative meeting; (i) commitment from the Government of Papua New Guinea to host the 12th Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) and the 6th Ministerial Meeting (MM) this year; and (ii) the Ratification of the agreement of the establishment of the Regional Secretariat. 

There were other working meetings with several important stakeholders of CTI-CFF aimed to strengthen relationship and coordination towards implementation of CTI-CFF activities in Papua New Guinea. 

Meeting at CEPA (left to right): Ms. Kay Kalim, Mr. Dilu Muguwa, Mr. Gunter Joku, Mr. Widi A. Pratikto, Mr. Cepi Syahda, Mr. Frank Mizigi, Ms. Yvonne Tio & Daphne Hangatt


Consultative meeting with Managing Director of Conservation, Environmental Protection Authority (CEPA) and Ministry of Environment team.

Ms. Kalim, the Deputy Secretary of Sustainable Environment Programs of CEPA, reported that the position for Senior CTI-CFF Events Manager had been advertised with the support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). They had received several applications and has sent the shortlisted candidates to ADB for further evaluation and appointment process.

More importantly, the Regional Secretariat was informed that the ratification process for the Agreement on the Establishment of the Regional Secretariat of CTI-CFF is underway and has been signed by the Prime Minister and now subject to approval from the Parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is expected that the whole process will be completed prior to the upcoming 12th Senior Officials’ Meeting.

Meeting with the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Regional Secretariat Team had a meeting with the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) which was attended by Hon. John Edward Kasu, the Managing Director of NFA and the next day at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Hon. William Dihm, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meetings were briefed on the Regional Secretariat activities; and discussions ensued on two (2) main matters; (i) the need for support from Papua New Guinea, as the current Chair of the CTI-CSO and CTI-COM to handover the chairmanship to Philippines during the next SOM-12 and MM-6; and updates on the ratification of the Establishment of the Regional Secretariat of CTI-CFF.

Meeting between Regional Secretariat of CTI-CFF with National Fisheries Authority (NFA) PNG

CTI-CFF Development Partners and other stakeholders

The Regional Secretariat was able to meet and have significant discussions with several Development Partners and stakeholders such as The Nature Conservancy and USAID Pacific Islands which was represented by Dr. Barbara Masike and Julie Hulama, Development Assistance Specialist respectively. 

A separate meeting was also organized to meet Ms. Emily Flowers, Country Director of Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) at Australian High Commission, Waigani.

Meeting with Emily Flowers, Country Director of Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

In addition, the Regional Secretariat managed to hold a meeting with H.E. Ronald Manik, Ambassador of Indonesia to Papua New Guinea accredited to The Republic of Solomon Islands and briefed the Ambassador of the outcome of the meetings with above mentioned parties.

Through these meetings, we hope that the Regional Secretariat could leverage on these renewed relationships to successfully implement SOM and MM programs and strengthen CTI-CFF programs through improved communication and coordination with various regional organizations.” commented Widi A. Pratikto, CTI-CFF Executive Director, of the visits.

The CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat would like to extend its greatest appreciation to Ms. Daphine Hangatt and Elias Tuvi from the PNG Department of Foreign Affairs; Frank Mizigi of Embassy of PNG to Indonesia and Ms. Yvonne Tio of CEPA for their support and presence throughout all of the meetings in Papua New Guinea.

 A special thank you to Mr. Frank Mizigi, Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of Papua New Guinea to Indonesia who expressed his commitment to work closely with the Regional Secretariat and ensured the full cooperation from all Agencies in PNG to further support CTI-CFF.


** The Regional Secretariat has received a confirmation letter dated 29 July 2016 from the Government of Papua New Guinea to host the upcoming SOM-12 and MM-6.