RS CTI-CFF List of Activities During the 13th ICRS "Bridging Science to Policy"

17 June 2016
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andie wibianto

Following the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Honolulu, Hawaii - 18-24 June 2016, important activities have already planned and scheduled for Regional Secretariat (RS) CTI-CFF to conduct and participate with:

Saturday, 18 June ...
Sideline meeting with Dr. Helen Fox, CTI-CFF Technical Advisor on potential support and cooperation from European Union (EU)

Sunday, 19 June
Consultation workshop on "Marine Conservation Priorities in the Coral Triangle"

Monday, 20 June
Meeting with Prof. Terry Hughes and Prof. Terry Hughes from James Cook University - Australia

NOAA Leaders Forum (tbc)

CTI Dialog (Joint meeting Indonesia - NCCC Philippines and NOAA for possible further cooperation) - tbc

VIP Meeting with Hawaii Government

Tuesday, 21 June
Coral ID Workshop and Guides - Part 1

Wednesday, 22 June
CTI-CFF Presentation at the ICRS Forum

Coral ID Workshop and Guides - Part 2

Thursday, 23 June
Official visit to Conservation International (CI) office

Women Leaders' Forum event

Friday, 24 June
Site Visit with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to Hanauma Bay