RS Visit to Papua New Guinea - Day #3 20 July 2016 - 2

21 July 2016
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Andie Wibianto

Visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PNG

Honorary William Dihm, the Secretary General of Department of Foreign Affairs welcomes the RS CTI-CFF entourage, CEPA, and NCC CTI-CFF PNG in Port Moresby.

The Honorary William Dihm, reaffirmed the PNG's Government commitments on:
1. Full support to CTI-CFF as a reputable organisation
2. Assurance of ratification process, which is expected to be finalised by the end of August 2016
3. Assistance of CTI-CFF Chairmanship turnover from PNG to the Philippines
4. Readiness to conduct CTI-CFF SOM 12 and MM 6 in Port Moresby

Other than that, the Honorary William Dihm also encourage RS CTI-CFF to participate in the Pacific Island Conference in September 2016.