Vacancy Announcement: Communications and Information Manager of CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat

06 January 2018
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Terms of Reference (ToR)

A. Background

The Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF), also known as the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI), is a multilateral partnership of six countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste) working together to sustain extraordinary marine and coastal resources by addressing crucial issues such as food security, climate change, and marine biodiversity. The Coral Triangle (CT) is sometimes referred to as the “Amazon of the seas”, is the epicentre of marine life abundance and diversity on the planet with over 75% of all known coral species, 53% of the world’s coral reefs, over 3000 fish species the greatest extent of mangrove forests of any region in the world and spawning and juvenile growth areas for what is the largest tuna fishery in the world.

At the Leader's Summit in 2009, these governments agreed to adopt a 10-year CTI-CFF Regional Plan of Action (CTI RPOA) to safeguard the region’s marine and coastal biological resources. Through the CTI-CFF, the Coral Triangle countries have agreed to support people-centered biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, poverty reduction and equitable benefit sharing. The CTI-CFF seeks to address both poverty reduction through economic development, food security, sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities and biodiversity conservation through the protection of species, habitats and ecosystems.

The Regional Secretariat is mandated to promote regional cooperation, sharing of lessons, and facilitate learning across the six Coral Triangle (CT6) countries. The Regional Secretariat also coordinates and monitors the progress in achieving the CTI-CFF Regional Plan of Action goals. Its main activities cover the following areas: organizational development, outreach and communication, regional coordination and mechanisms, technical and thematic working groups, development of key regional reports, and capacity development. It also serves as the main liaison and for all CTI-CFF official functions such as the bi-annual CTI-CFF Ministerial Meetings and the annual CTI-CFF Senior Officials Meetings.

The Interim CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat was established during the First CTI-CFF Senior Officials Meeting (SOM-1) in Bali in December 2007. Subsequently, the permanent Regional Secretariat took over on 1 April 2015 with the appointment of the first CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat’s Executive Director. CTI-CFF is administered and managed through Headquarters of CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat located in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

B. Scope of Work

B.1. Purpose of Terms of Reference (ToR)

This Terms of Reference (ToR) sets out the role, functions, and procedures applicable for the appointment of a Communication and Information Manager (CIM) to the Regional Secretariat of Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI–CFF). The CIM will operate in accordance with this ToR, administrative requirements of the CTI–CFF’s Rules.

B.2. Job Mission Description

Generally, the Communications Information Manager (CIM) shall ensure that the Regional Secretariat excels in its important information dissemination function and manages the current communications platforms, including the CTI-CFF website with the assistance of a few team members (e.g. Publications Assistant, WebMaster, etc). The CIM will ensure strong networking between the CT6 and CTI Partners and help raise the profile of the CTI and improve the current Outreach and information dissemination amongst the CT6 countries and beyond.

The CIM reports to the Deputy Executive Director, Program Services (DED, PS).

Specifically, the Communication and Information Manager (CIM) is responsible for providing the day-to-day management of the CTI-CFF Communications Team and for ensuring the overall management and appropriate implementation of the CTI-CFF Communications Strategy and Work Plan. This includes providing direction on tasks and priorities to the Communications Team Officers. The CIM will provide overall direction on the communications mechanisms to be used by task/activity; will provide direction on content development and editorial work; and will be responsible for final clearance on all communications materials developed in accordance with protocols, prior to final approval by DED, PS. The CIM will be responsible for reviewing, monitoring and evaluating the results of the work of the Communications Unit, to identify challenges and determine course corrections as needed. The CIM along with the other team members will be responsible for regular outreach to and engagement with the Communications Team.

B.3. Scope of Work

The CIM shall perform the following tasks professionally and shall report on relevant matters, as follows:

  1. Executing and updating the CTI-CFF Communications Strategy;
  2. Regularly promoting CTI-CFF’s work to relevant stakeholders and audiences using a variety of communications tools, activities, and channels;
  3. Engaging with the national, regional and international media to cover CTI-CFF-relevant activities and events;
  4. Arranging press conferences for the CTI-CFF as and when needed;
  5. Developing and disseminating CTI-CFF-centric press releases, updates, and announcements using a variety of communications avenues;
  6. Managing the regular development and distribution of the CTI-CFF newsletter and managing its contents;
  7. Ensure the regular maintenance of the Regional Secretariat's e-Library and other forms of documentation platform;
  8. Leading the coordination and or implementation of CTI-CFF Coral Triangle Day celebration;
  9. Managing the communication, information and media relation aspects of all CTI-CFF meetings such as Senior Officials Meeting, Ministerial Meeting, Leaders Informal Gathering, Technical Working Groups Meeting, Governance Working Groups Meeting, Local Government Network Meeting, Regional Business Forum, Women Leaders Forum, University Partnerships, and other regional and selected national meetings.
  10. Leading the coordination and or implementation of all CTI-CFF related campaigns;
  11. Managing the production and dissemination of communications materials (e.g., publications, factsheets, videos, photos, etc.) to promote the CTI-CFF;
  12. Safeguarding the CTI-CFF brand and ensuring that it is used properly across all communications outputs including those by CTI-CFF partners and collaborators;
  13. Coordinating with all other Coral Triangle partners’ communications staff for joint activities.
  14. Overseeing the CTI-CFF website through:
    1. Provision of editorial direction on content development;
    2. Producing and updating material as content of CTI-CFF website, Facebook, Twitters and other communications channels;
    3. Responsible for final clearance on all communications materials developed in accordance with protocols.
  15. Provide overall direction on the communications mechanisms to be used by task/activity and also to the Communications Team Officers.
  16. Responsible for review of monitoring and evaluation results to identify challenges and determine course corrections as needed.
  17. Perform special assignments as assigned by the Deputy Executive Director of CTI–CFF including but not limited to planning, meetings, conference calls, correspondence, internal and external communication, documentation, report, etc.

C. Period of Employment and Mode of Engagement

  1. The period of employment will be 12 (twelve) months and commences on the date of appointment.
  2. Under the supervision of the Deputy Executive Director, Program Services, , the CIM shall support the overall management and appropriate implementation of the CTI-CFF communications strategy and work plan. Additionally, the CIM shall also provide support to all aspects of day-to-day management of the CTI-CFF Communications Team.

D. Coordination and Reporting

  1. The CIM will report directly to the Deputy Executive Director, Program Services of the CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat in the daily implementation of his/her services as outlined in the TOR.
  2. He/she shall submit a monthly report of activities to the Deputy Executive Director, Program Services with a copy to the Executive Director.

E. Competency Requirements

List of proposed competencies required to complete the work as follows:

  1. Candidates must have a Bachelor Degree (preferably higher) in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or other relevant field. Other relevant certifications would be an added advantage.
  2. A minimum of 5 years of extensive professional work experience and good understanding in particular with corporate campaigns, communication, website design and content management systems, copywriting, and use of social media, preferably with image editing skills. Excellent skills in PHP, C++, Phyton, etc would be advantageous.
  3. Excellent knowledge of corporate communication and branding, and excellent skills in the development and implementation of communication strategies
  4. Extensive experience in the field of international development cooperation or in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders and international partners is an asset.
  5. Innovative and flexible and able to reach the target groups through innovative and conventional media.
  6. Showing an excellent writing and organizational skills to promote the Secretariat’s proper functions and services of the CTI–CFF.
  7. Excellent proficiency in both spoken and written English language is mandatory. Please provide evidence of language proficiency e.g. certificates. An English language test may be conducted during the interview. Knowledge of other CT6 Member Countries working language is an asset.
  8. Well disciplined, able to cope with potentially stressful situations, driven by a strong motivation to contribute to the CTI-CFF objectives and RPOAs, and with positive attitude and client-oriented and diplomatic approach.

F. Submission of Application

  1. Application letter and updated CV should be sent to Tony Arman (email: with the subject column of the emails in this format “< CIM > - < your name >” before end of working day of 25 February 2018(extended from the previous date).
  2. The CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat will only respond to applications in which there is further interest.

G. Condition of Application

  1. Application is preffered to all citizens of CT6 member countries. The candidate will be based at the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  2. Competitive compensation and benefits will be provided.
  3. The successful candidate will be placed under probation for 3 (three) months, and may be extended to the one year duration of the contract depending on satisfactory performance and the mutual agreement between the candidate and the Regional Secretariat.
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