Financial Priority: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation A Convergence Approach to National Greening Program for Mangrove Rehabilitation

Document Date: 03 May 2012
Author: Philippines CTI NCC

In order to arrest further degradation of the country’s remaining mangrove stands, immediate and effective
interventions need to be properly put into place. The DENR will take the lead in planning, implementation
and monitoring in collaboration with other government agencies, local government units (LGUs) and stakeholders. The target areas for rehabilitation are abandoned, unutilized and undeveloped (AUUs) fishpond lease agreements (FLAs) covering 10, 000 hectares. As a component of the National Greening Program of the DENR for coastal and marine sector, the reversion of these areas into protection and productive mangroves is envisioned to promote resource sustainability and build up resiliency of coastal areas for climate change impacts in the future.

This document was presented by the Philippine CTI NCC at the first CTI High Level Financial Roundtable in Manila on May 3, 2012.