Priority Seascapes Designated and Effectively Managed

  • Chairperson: Indonesia
  • Vice chair: Philippines

Seascape Working Group (SWG) is assisted by Conservation International (CI) with funding support from the Australian Government through its Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Support Program. By the end of 2016, the Working Group has initiated several activities, which was adopted and well recognized in the Senior Officials’ Meeting.

Establishment of coordination and capacity building mechanisms for SWG members and broader CTI stakeholders, including :

  1. Seascapes Technical Working Group meetings (3 conducted)
  2. Seascapes Mini Regional Exchanges (2 conducted) to further define CTI Seascapes Framework and Model
  3. Seascapes Regional Exchange (2 conducted)
  4. Regular Seascape Working Group calls which is hosted by CI
  5. Conducted writeshops to further enhance the framework and model;
  6. Seascape General Model and Framework has been finalized

Identification of new potential national and transnational level Seascapes. The Bismarck Solomon Seas Ecoregion (BSSE) was declared during SOM 11 as the second priority CTI seascape after the SSME. The group has reviewed the MOU for this site to commence preparation for implementation. Recently GIZ is also supporting this WG through its Sulu Sulawesi Seascape Project. The group is currently finalizing its meeting protocols.

2nd CTI-CFF Seascape Writeshop, Bali, Indonesia, 29 November – 1 December 2016

The story behind the picture:

The 2nd CTI-CFF Seascape Writeshop is held in Bali from November 29-December 1, 2016. The aim of the writeshop is to complete the final draft of the CTI-CFF is to complete the final draft of the CTI-CFF Seascape General Model that will align with CTI-CFF Member Parties context and concern which can assist them in achieving their commitments, goals and targets at the regional, national and sub-national level.