Threatened Species (TS)

Threatened Species Status Improving

  • Chairperson: Malaysia
  • Vice Chair: Philippines

Before 2015, this theme was under the MPA Working Group headed by the Philippines. However, the situation slowed down the progress of Goal 5 since the WG was focused on the priority actions under Goal 3. So on April 2015, the TSWG was established under the Chairmanship of Malaysia with Philippines as the vice-Chair. TOR was drafted and approved by the WG and endorsed by SOM.

Since the establishment of the TSWG, the WG has been conducting call meetings to discuss the way forward to achieve the different targets of Goal 5. Since it is the youngest technical working group, they have a lot of catching up to do to achieve the targets of the goal by 2020. To date, the following are the milestones of the WG:

  1. Conducted working group call meetings
  2. Initial discussions/meetings with Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor (CMAR) on possible collaboration on threatened and invasive species management.
    1. Outline for the Region-wide Conservation Plan for Sea Turtles
    2. Outline for the Region-wide Conservation Plan for Sharks and Rays
    3. Outline for the Region-wide Conservation Plan for Marine Mammals
    4. Outline for the Region-wide Assessment on Threatened Species in the CT Region

Threatened Species Meeting
22-23 March 2017
Putrajaya, Malaysia

The story behind the picture:

On March 2017, the TSWG conducted its first WG meeting in Putrajaya, Malaysia to agree on the outline for the Region-wide Conservation Plan for Sea Turtles, Marine Mammals and Sharks and Rays as well as the outline for the Region-wide Assessment on threatened species in the CT Region. The WG aims to have the first draft of the plans and report by the end of this year. WWF and GIZ is providing technical support to this WG. The WG is yet to develop its M&E indicators. GIZ has the SSS Project with sea turtles as one of the main component. Recently, the ADB RETA 7813 also inked a MOU with RS for a very short sea turtle project in the SSME area.