Collaboration: Climate Change Adaptation

The CTI works to improve the resilience of coastal communities in the Coral Triangle against the impacts climate change through science-based decision making, innovative and cutting edge tools, information sharing and capacity development. (Interested in joining one of these groups? Click here.)

Collaborative groups:     Key resources:  

Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Technical Working Group
The CCA TWG ensures that Goal 4 of the CTI RPOA is achieved.

CTI Coastal Learning and Adaptation Network
The CTI-CLAN is a multi-sectoral network of individuals that aim to advance science-based planning and share tools and practices to reduce the risk of climate change impacts in the Coral Triangle's coastal areas.

CCA Support Workspace
This space is an online tool to prepare for activities and regional exchanges on CCA

Course on Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Communities
This course is series of trainings aimed to assist communities in using the CTI Regional and Local Early Action Plans for Climate Change Adaptation as their main tools in improving their communities' resilience to climate change.


CTI-CFF Region-wide Early Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation (REAP-CCA)

CTI-CFF Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Communities Course

CTI-CFF Second Regional Exchange on Climate Change Adaptation: Tools for Action

First CTI-CFF Regional Exchange on Policy and Action Planning for Climate Change Adaptation in the Coral Triangle Countries