Collaboration: Coordination Mechanisms and Implementation Partners

The Coordination Mechanism Working Group (CMWG) is currently chaired by Indonesia. Its main objective is to provide a platform for Member Parties to establish a standard communication protocols; assist the Regional Secretariat in the administration and operation of the Secretariat in terms of setting up SOPs and guidelines; and suggest other communication tools and products.

Implementation of CTI RPOA requires effective coordination among a diverse group of actors from government, non-government, multilateral and private organizations, making CTI a large tent under which all these stakeholders work together. (Interested in joining one of these groups? Click here.)

Collaborative groups:     Key resources:  

Committee, Senior Officials, and Secretariat Workspace
This workspace is an online tool to prepare and coordinate activities of the CTI Council of Ministers, Senior Officials and Regional Secretariat

Coordination Mechanisms Working Group (CMWG)
This space supports the activities of the CTI CMWG

Partners Workspace
This a collaborative space for CTI-CFF development partners

Local Governance Learning Network
The CTI LGN is a network of local government officials that promote marine resource conservation and sustainability in the Coral Triangle

Mayors Roundtable Support Workspace
This space is online tool to prepare for activities that support the CTI LGN


CTI Senior Officials Meeting Documents and Decision Memos from 2008-Present