Collaboration: Marine Protected Areas

The CTI aims to place 20% of each major marine and coastal habitat in the Coral Triangle under protected status by 2020. Individual MPAs will be scaled up and linked to form a connected, resilient and sustainably financed Coral Triangle MPA System. (Interested in joining one of these groups? Click here.)

Collaborative groups:     Key resources:  

Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Technical Working Group
The MPA TWG ensures that Goal 3 of the CTI RPOA is achieved.

CTI Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Learning Network
The CTI MPA Learning Network is a community of practitioners working on MPAs across the Coral Triangle.

CTMPAS Workspace
This workspace is dedicated to the development of a region-wide Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System.

MPA Support Workspace
This space is an online tool to prepare for activities and regional exchanges on MPA management


CTI-CFF Regional Exchange and Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation for Improved MPA Management Effectiveness

Summary Report of the first CTI Regional Exchange on Designing and Operating MPA Networks and Systems