CTI-CFF Secretariat Works with US Partner to Push Forward on Goals for 2012 and Beyond

02 February 2012
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The CTI-CFF Secretariat met with members of the US CTI Support Program Integrator on January 25, 2012 in Jakarta to collaborate on a range of priority CTI issues. These included efforts to support the process to establish the permanent Secretariat, strategy to conduct CTI-CFF Implementation Roadmap activities more effectively, and raise the international profile of CTI through expanded communications and outreach strategies.

During the meeting, which was a follow-up of a meeting held in Bangkok in December 2011, Dr. Suseno Sukoyono, Executive Chair of the CTI Secretariat, emphasized the importance of outreach efforts in communicating the CTI’s key achievements and most urgent priorities to the broadest audience possible. He highlighted that USAID’s support for the Secretariat’s new Communications Officer and the development of the new CTI-CFF website and newsletters as major constructive steps in that direction. The Secretariat and US CTI Support Program leaders agreed to the need to look beyond the 2012 timeframe and initiate planning for the 2nd CTI Summit anticipated in 2013.  The Summit will be a critical measuring stick marking progress over a five year timeframe and a decisive event for the continued momentum of the CTI.