CTI-CFF Women Leaders’ Forum (WLF) - 2nd PNG Roundtable

05 August 2016
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kirana Agustina

CTI-CFF Women Leaders Forum Roundtable 2016. Photo: Gabriel Kulwaum/TNC

On 15-17 June 2016, the second roundtable of the National PNG branch of the CTI-CFF Women Leaders’ Forum was held in Manus province, Papua New Guinea. The roundtable saw over 120 women from across PNG come together to reaffirm their commitment to and leadership role in the sustainable management of the coastal and marine resources of PNG.

The theme of the roundtable was ‘Rights-Based Management is empowering women in food security, sustainable community fisheries and climate adaptation programs in rural communities of PNG’. The objective of the meeting was to enable the women participants to network and share lessons, experiences, and best practices regarding community-based marine management. It also focused on identifying opportunities for capacity building and partnership development. The roundtable culminated in the development of the Lorengau Accord, which outlined the participants’ commitment to standing together as women on marine and coastal issues, recognizing their common concerns and desire for the sustainable and responsible use of their natural resources. The women also underscored the importance of women’s economic empowerment as a foundation for effective and sustainable resource management.

Women leaders at Opening Ceremony. Photo: Gabriel Kulwaum/TNC


The PNG WLF was established and held its first roundtable in March 2015, in Alotau, Milne Bay, and it was there that Piwen Langarap was appointed to the role of National Coordinator for the PNG WLF. Notably, Piwen was one of the original award-winning women leaders recognized for her achievements upon the launch of the regional CTI WLF in 2014. It was decided at the roundtable that the secretariat for the PNG WLF will be housed at the Pihi Environment Development Forum (PEDF) going forward.

A survey conducted amongst participants at the event revealed that the participants saw the primary role of the WLF as being a forum for women, and to enable consultation amongst women leaders. The top three issues upon which the participants felt the PNG WLF should focus going forward were Natural Resource Management; Social Development; and Consultation and Cooperation.

Based on the great enthusiasm and leadership demonstrated at the roundtable, there are plans to hold a 3rd PNG WLF roundtable in Kimbe Bay, West New Britain Province, in 2017.

The event was convened by The Nature Conservancy’s PNG program, and was made possible with support from the German Government and the Australian Government. It was organized in collaboration with the National Government of PNG and the Manus Provincial Government and involved a range of other partners in PNG, including the PNG Women in Business Foundation, the National Council of Women, the Provincial Council of Women, and the PEDF.


Plenary session on Day 1. Trish Kas from TNC facilitating. Photo: Gabriel Kulwaum/TNC