27 February 2014
Efforts are ongoing to push ahead plans for the establishment of the permanent CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat by May 2014. Following a roadmap endorsed by the 9th Senior Officials Meeting last November... more»
25 February 2014
A training course in applying an ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) initially developed for CTI-CFF is winning supporters among fisheries and conservation practitioners, agencies and institutions... more»
24 February 2014
A new report in the journal Coastal Management (external link) identifies five themes that characterize successful marine protected area (MPA) networks in the Coral Triangle. Based on six case studies,... more»
22 February 2014
The WWF Coral Triangle Programme is promoting in the next three years two key themes focused on sustainable fisheries, food security and livelihoods. This was disclosed by Programme leader Jackie Thomas... more»
22 February 2014
Timor-Leste should prioritize fisheries management areas in six sites along its North Coast to ensure the efficiency of investments in the protection and management of the Lesser Sunda Ecoregion. This... more»
21 February 2014
(MEDIA RELEASE) The rehabilitation of Indonesia’s coral reefs will receive more than US$62 million of additional funding through the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program-Coral Triangle Initiative... more»
13 February 2014
The Solomon Islands Locally Managed Marine Areas Network (SILMMA) was recently registered as a charitable trust. SILMMA is a partnership of marine resource organizations, both government and non-government... more»
12 February 2014
After nearly 33 years of government service, Ms Lynette Laroya, a mainstay of CTI-CFF, is bidding goodbye to her post at the Philippines’ Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) of the Department of Environment... more»
30 January 2014
Two universities in eastern part of Indonesia - the University of Haluoleo (UHO) in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi and the University of Pattimura (UNPATI) in Ambon, Mauluku - have endorsed the Coral Governance... more»
29 January 2014
His Excellency Sharief C. Sutardjo, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has appointed Prof. Dr. Ir. Sjarief Widjaja, Ph.D,  FRINA, Secretary General of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery... more»