30 May 2014
Papua New Guinea (PNG) is the new Chair of the CTI-CFF Council of Ministers (CTI COM), and the Philippines is the new Vice Chair. They will serve a term that began on May 16, 2014 and ends on May 16, 2016... more»
30 May 2014
The Provincial Government and private sector in Cebu Province in the Philippines will join the CTI-CFF in celebrating the Coral Triangle Day on June 9.Local governments across the province and at least... more»
28 May 2014
The CTI-CFF Council of Ministers (CTI COM), acting on the recommendation of the Committee of Senior Officials, has approved the 2014 Operations Plan and Budget of the soon-to-be established permanent Regional... more»
26 May 2014
On May 15, the CTI-CFF Ministers agreed to use two regional resource management frameworks developed for the Coral Triangle for policy making at the national level.The Ministers, who were in Manado, Indonesia... more»
22 May 2014
The 5th CTI-CFF Ministerial Meeting (MM5) approved the establishment of a new thematic technical working group (TWG), bringing to five the total number of active TWGs under the CTI-CFF, each corresponding... more»
22 May 2014
Brunei Darussalam, sitting as an Observer State at the 5th CTI-CFF Ministerial Meeting (MM5) in Manado, Indonesia, on May 15, reconfirmed its intent to be a Party to the CTI-CFF.The sultanate was represented... more»
22 May 2014
The first four flagship sites of the Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System (CTMPAS) were revealed on May 13 in a launch activity at the sidelines of the World Coral Reef Conference in Manado, Indonesia.... more»
21 May 2014
An innovative platform to highlight the role of women leaders in protecting and sustaining the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity was launched on May 13 at the sidelines of the World Coral Reef... more»
20 May 2014
Indonesia’s Vice President Boediono on May 16 was given a preview tour of the facility that will house the CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat.Located in Grand Kawanua International City (GKIC) in Manado, North... more»
19 May 2014
The CTI-CFF Council of Ministers (COM) on May 15 approved the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) (external link) as a CTI-CFF Partner.CTC, an NGO based in Bali, Indonesia, is the first new Partner of the CTI-CFF... more»